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BEFORE THE BEGINNINGThe following is an audio presentation which explains The Birth of Allah (ALL LAW), 

not the beginning of Allah; but simply our 3rd dimensional consciousness’ birthing within the preexisting mind of Allah.

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YOU ARE HEREAn important fact to note is that the expressed title labeled upon each sphere is not its Name, they are FOMULI, formulas expressed as attributes of light and sound; formulas DENOTING actual consciousness, the essence of SELF.

mind |m?nd|


1. the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought: as the thoughts ran through his mind, he came to a conclusion | people have the price they are prepared to pay settled in their minds.

• an individual’s mental processes contrasted with physical action: I wrote a letter in my mind.

2. a being’s intellect: his/her or its keen mind.

• a being’s memory: the company’s name slips my mind.

• a being’s identified with their intellectual faculties: he or she was one of the greatest minds of his time.

3. a being’s attention: I expect my employees to keep their minds on the task.

• a will or determination to achieve something: anyone can evolve if they set their mind to it.


Life is a matter of perspective moor than you may think.

What if you had the ability to truly control four future’s events?

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Much of what will be presented here is taken from several of my past lectures on the subject of Metaphysics and “MetaCivics” which is relative consciousness and the manner in which we interface with others and the world(s) in which we live.   It is but but a simple primer, and a conscientious nudging to awaken our superficial faculties toward (considering at a minimum) initiating the process of raising the frequency of our individual and collective consciousness; a critical first step in rising to the required competency essential in meeting our assigned noble task of becoming actively instrumental in the uplifting of fallen humanity.

The war (between men) is a matter of influence, decease influencing what one thinks and ultimately how one acts (actions)/conducts themselves/expresses energy.  Groups can be controlled no matter how large simply by shaping their opinions, perceptions and belief systems in such a manner as to distract the group from knowing or understanding the fundamental systems of “A” reality in which they are enmeshed. Such a control system is a prison without walls or physical chains.  Truth is rooted in these words of a Great Master Mind: ” Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.  Upward Conscious Mobility begins with a simple inner-standing: ALL IS MIND !


First, the following FACT must be stated. Filters, be they physiologically biological, biochemical or psychological in nature play a significant role in how we perceive and/or interpret reality.  As for the psychological as it may relate to the development of theological understanding or the teaching of those understanding, it is a far more complex process than is the case for purely Scientific comprehension.  It is also of critical importance that we/Moors remain vigilantly mindful that our wisdoms regarding thing of a spiritual nature are rooted firmly in SCIENCE.


Philosophy has been defined as: The science of things divine and human, and the causes in which they are contained; The science of effects by their causes; The science of sufficient reasons; The science of things possible, inasmuch as they are possible; The science of things evidently deduced from first principles; The science of truth, sensible and abstract; The application of reason to its legitimate object or subject; The science of all knowledge to the necessary ends of human finite reasoning.

The six headings under which the disciplines of philosophy are commonly classified are: Metaphysics, which deals with such abstracts subjects as theoretical and practical cosmology, theology, and the nature of being; logic, which deals with the laws governing rational thinking, or as it has been called, “the doctrine of fallacies”; ethics, which is the science of morality, individual responsibility, and character – concerned chiefly with an effort to determine the nature of good; psychology, which is devoted to investigation and classification of those forms of phenomena referable to a mental origin; epistemology, which is the science concerned primarily with the nature of knowledge itself and the question of whether it may exist in an absolute form; and aesthetics, which is the science of the nature of and the reaction awakened by the beautiful, the harmonious, the elegant, and noble.


As we contemplate the significance of the complexities of the material being presented here, it is well worth knowing that science achieves cumulative success, accessible in the present without a continual need to return to the past.  However, with that said, an accumulative comprehension (of correct data) is required for proper rational interpretations to be arrived at.  That is, critical thinking based on sound accumulative knowledge is a prerequisite to avoid faulty analytical conclusions.   A well taught child of today understands much more about such subjects a physics and how things work in our universe than Sir Isaac Newton ever did, simply by living three centuries later.  However, in the same light, it is also important to comprehend that a child living (let’s say) in ancient Egypt (Pre-Patalimaic Kemet) would have acquired simply by his or her environment far greater knowledge of the true workings of our universe and reality (as a whole) than almost any DPH of our day.  That’s because being constantly exposed to higher truths was simply a way of life.   All aspects of their environment were geared toward or constructed in a manner as to expose the child (and the society in which it lived) in one manner or another toward comprehending/inner-standing SELF as being an ever connected aspect of their creator.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Higher v Lower


In religious matters each generation not only has to acquire theological insight of its own and in its own way, but it also needs to be in a continuing ACTIVE and foremost “HONEST” dialogue with the generations that preceded it, lest the specific insights that they attained would be lost (as has been the case with us Moors.)  Culture is to tradition as the right hand is to the left.   In particular, the adherents of faith “cultural” tradition have to remain in permanent contact or synchronicity with that tradition’s unique foundational events (be they real or allegorical.)  And certainly changing our literature changes our consciousness which changes our reality, both present and future; with graduated understandings, and with that over natural course of understanding, more recent historical events become less relevant, while more ancient truths become more pertinent vantage points of wisdoms from which to view possible future realities.  Returning to the mind set of our Foremothers and Father  is a physical, mental and metaphysical process with the physical action of STUDY being the mental process by which metaphysical paralysis is overcome, a vibratory transmutation, a cosmic awakening.

While contemporary theologians enjoy the opportunities provided by particular perspectives of today, they need also to seek to correct any distortion produced by misinterpretation of prior formulated misconception and be willing to learn a new from the complementary insights of our new era as well as earlier generation’s Divine revelations.  All forms of encounter with deeply personal aspects of reality have to of course take historical dimension seriously, for the character of comprehension is not simply cumulative; and consistent HONEST evaluations within a living relationship with each related aspect of the past.  But is reaching for higher personal plains of lucidity which become self-evident in ones positive conduct.  And doing so of course often requires the courage of stepping outside ones programed comfort zones while retaining the ability to intuitively discern those precepts which must be abandon from those which remain worthy of your continued embrace.    Also, . . . (as an example) just as there can be no presumptive superiority of twenty-first-century music over the music of the past, so there is also no necessary superiority in every respect of the ideas of today’s theologians over those of centuries past, especially if said theologists are simply regurgitating misconceptions of the past in new was.  Here it is important to note that true Theology is to be a systematic and “RATIONAL” critical study of concepts of God and of the nature of religious ideas (ideas which have been carefully re-legioned to, and well anchored in its “original” cultural foundations.)  Theology in is formal structure should be understood as being a Learned Profession acquired by completing highly specialized training in PARTICULAR theocratic studies, usually at a university, seminary or school of divinity which unfortunately are inseparably connected to a particular “Body Politic”


Knowing how world religions came into being is fascinating and important to understand for anyone truly interested in knowing the “Root of The Root” as well as understanding how certain Global Political Theocratic Domination which remain in effect today came into effect.  This information has been provided in detailed elsewhere on this site.

Just as philosophical dialogue today continues to engage with the ideas of master-minds of past eras, in a similar way, the notable figures of the theological past have remained necessary participants in contemporary conversations, in a way that Western-minded contemplators (of the past e.g..: Galileo, Newton, Maxwell etc.) are not so directly involved in the discourse of SCIENCE.  This is because the principal insights of those past Western scientist (e.g. Einstein and others) have been incorporated uncontroversially into present Western teachings.  And thus in a Western way of thinking, a contemporary judgement suffices.  [Our faith is a SCIENCE not only because it provides for a Divinely Inspired focus on basic realities of fact, but also because ours is an honest and transparent systematic enterprise that builds upon organizes empirical knowledge, ancient LAW wisdoms requiring critical THINKING which must be weighed with pure unadulterated logic.]   We do not condone nor condemn ignorance, we merely seek to eradicate it along with intolerance.

To approach any understanding of what “ACTIVE” Moors believe,

one must begin with a full and thorough reading of the following:



with the understanding that all ACTIVE and Faithful Moors also study their Divine Constitution and 101(2) Questioners for further insights

Re.: Proper Conduct/Response.

Study will show that Theology is not simply the contemporary academy but is the nature of a Body Politic spread across centuries.  Hence the role of mandatory tradition over time became for many the only resource for access to their reservoir of various beliefs and in many cases unfortunately misunderstandings which have continuing significance relative to many of our own past views of reality.  But fortunately, it is through the grace of Allah exponential positive enlightenment abounds.  

In the case of DIVINE reality, our Creator has taken the initiative in conveying truth (to whomever) and, in fact, reality shows us that most religious traditions believe that this has happened in occasions of revelatory disclosure (Divine Inspiration) throughout the existence and history of man seeking its creator.  One prime role played by Sacred Scripture in the life of the traditions is to be the record of theologically foundational events.  It will be shone here however that much of the aforementioned theologically foundational events may be viewed and comprehended in a far different manner than more commonly understood and perhaps most importantly, also effectively applied and incorporated into your personal acumen to effect real world positive changes in your life today!    






This page (being created May 7, 2015) is unlike any other here at the MoorishDirectory.com in that it reflects upon SELF in quite a different manner than does any other section of this site.  When developing the directory a very basic plan and blue-print was developed for a very specific purpose.  That purpose was and remains to be threefold:  First, bringing to fruition a centralized means and vehicles by which individuals and groups of Moors may have readily accessible access to certain required truth and resources to aid one another in the process and ACTIVITY of Uplifting Fallen Humanity.  Secondly,  establish and provide for a communication and commerce networking mechanism for our Moorish American Community to perfect positive interfacing amongst one another both Nationally and Internationally.  And finally, provide a resources to aid in  traversing the vast spectrum of new, unfamiliar and/or misunderstood information they will be required to not only comprehend, but master for safer and more prosperous navigation forward into our New Era of Enlightenment.

If you have spent any time thoughtfully going through the site (in the order as presented), you will in short order come to recognize its pattern of logic is simplistic and anchored in critical.  Its design and structure is such that it builds slowly upon certain basic truths in a manner which allows for “almost” anyone to comprehend that the facts provided are not simply conjectures.  The site is for the most part simply a compilation of facts set into a logical sequence of building blocks for anyone seeking truth with a sincere willingness and the energy to take the minimum time required to review the well vetted material presented here ample opportunity to acquire the basics needed to establish a reasonably good understanding of said facts in order to begin their own personal voyage to higher degrees of realizations regarding these newly redefined realities.  Although perhaps insightful or even enlightening, this section is not at all a part of the site’s original blueprint and is in all honesty not even content I would try to have readers believe to be mandatory for all in any manner similar to other material facts presented elsewhere within The Directory.  This section is however the manifestation  of a divinely inspired intuition to provide a layman’s explanation of certain (heretofore hidden) critical key connectors which will aid in bridging the gaps between (certain) corporal and spiritual relativity I have coined as being the Science of Meta-Civics.

The Program

  • Metaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of BEING and the world that encompasses it. Traditionally, metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms:
    What ultimately is reality?
    What is it like or can “it” be defined or expressed in human terms?

A person who studies metaphysics is called a metaphysicist or a metaphysician. A metaphysician attempts to clarify the fundamental notions by which people understand this existence, e.g., objects and their properties, space, time, cause and effect as well as probabilities and possibilities. A central branch of metaphysics is ONTOLOGY, the investigation into the basic categories of BEING and how they relate to each other. Another central branch of metaphysics is COSMOLOGY, the study of the origin, fundamental structure, nature, and dynamics of our universe. Some include EPISTEMOLOGY which is concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge and is also referred to as “theory of knowledge. Put more concisely, it is the study of knowledge and justified belief. It questions what knowledge is and how it can be acquired, and the extent to which knowledge pertinent to any given subject or entity can be acquired and to a certain degree deals with the philosophical analysis of the NATURE of KNOWLEDGE and how it relates to connected notions such as truth vs. beliefs manifested from within certain social justifications.  For the most part, metaphysics is commonly denoted as philosophical enquiry of a non-empirical character into the nature of existence. Some philosophers of science, such as the neo-positivists, say that natural science rejects the study of metaphysics, others of course strongly disagree.

  • CIVICS is the study of the great theoretical and practical aspects of CITIZENSHIP, its rights and duties; the duties of citizens to each other as members of a political body, NATION and Governance. It includes the study of civil law and civil code and the study of government with attention to the role of citizens, as opposed to external factors, in the operation and oversight of government (which is supposed to be representative of its body politic and/or citizenry.)

Within a given political or ethical tradition, civics refers to educating the citizenry.  The history of civics dates back to the earliest theories of civics long before Confucius or Plato, even though many European scholars would have us believe Confucius and Plato to be the fathers of civic theologies when it is know that both of these students/practitioners received their knowledge of this craft of conduct via the instructions of a much, much older source of wisdom(s) dealing with the applications of ethical, effective and appropriate and equitable justice in public life.  And as a side note:  It is imperative that ALL Moors master an understanding of PUBLIC vs. PRIVATE and their mutual COSMIC relationships of relativity to your conduct, actions and behavior!  Also you may visit our Dirty Moors Page should you have basic questions regarding proper conduct.


Much of our drifting away from basic understandings that would otherwise keep us mindful of what is right or wrong is merely a product of deliberate and systematic mental manipulation within the greater scheme and scams of westernized social engineering (Wizardry).   Some readers may remember when Civics was Mandatory course study in all public school systems but was phased out in favor of SOCIAL STUDIES because CIVICS taught us Inalienable Rights (unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor), Divine INDIVIDUAL “HUMAN RIGHTS (NOT CIVIL RIGHTS) and the power of The People as being superior over Government; wherein Social Studies (which replaced Civics in the curriculum as being of primary importance) is the teaching of Government Structure and its (“colorable“) authority OVER the Individual Rights of citizenry.  But, . . .  than again, that was back when we were taught that the form of Government in America was a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, wherein now children are taught the “U.S.A.” is a Democracy (as is explained more thoroughly elsewhere on this site).   I must admit however in a spirit of levity and because we know there is a clear difference between the corporate entity U.S.A. and America, I can say it is often undoubtedly quite clear how Demon Crazy it has all become!  Getting back to our subject at hand:


Understanding the basic composition and behavior of those compositions which make up the world in which we live provides a greater comprehension and appreciation of how we should conduct ourselves in nature and civilization (of which we are the assigned stewards over charged with the honorable responsibility (Response – Ability) of properly cultivating with caring husbandry, mindful control over the judicious use our Creator’s grace given resources.)   

Scientific knowledge “consists in the search for truth, but it is not the search for certainty” …  All carnal human knowledge is fallible and therefore ultimately uncertain and forever malleable.  The DIVINE, not of this would, is the “IMMUTABLE” unchangeable framework in which we Moors are to at this time align ourselves, heart, mind and spirit!

Science (from Moorish Latin “scientia”, meaning “knowledge) is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge (not necessarily synonymous with wisdom) in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe and our reality. In an older and closely related meaning, “science” also refers to this body of knowledge itself, of the type that can be rationally explained and reliably applied. Ever since classical antiquity and far before, science as a type of knowledge has been closely linked to philosophy. In the West however, during the “early modern period” or what I call the most recent European dark age, the words “science” and “philosophy of nature” were sometimes used interchangeably, and it was not until the 19th century that Natural Philosophy (now called Natural Science”) was considered a legitimate branch of modern philosophy, despite the fact that natural and indigenous non-europeans have always greatly respected Nature and understood its place as being in fact the cornerstone of all philosophies!


Science and “HONEST” Theology are both concerned with the search for truth.  In consequence, they complement each other rather than contract one another.  Of course, the two disciplines focus on different dimensions of truth, but they share a common conviction that there is truth to be sought within the LAWS of reality.  Although in both kinds of inquiry truth will never be grasped totally nor exhaustively; it can only be approximated to in an intellectually satisfying manner yet never to an absolute sense as ‘complete’.   Even when one is allowed (by Grace) to but gimps reality, human woulds do not exist to explain matters beyond Matter, other than expressions of emotion.  We simply have no frame of reference to explain the essence of that which resides beyond our physical space time reality/our BOX/the chamber which constitutes the nature of our consciousness. But what is most important to grasp here is that Consciousness Is But A PRECEPT! It is merely interpretations sensed through the filters of our programed belief systems which are (thank goodness) alterable.  This is all relative to action, our activities, conduct, Civil behavior and of course LAW, corporal and spiritual which are intrinsically linked to the will of Allah.

Certain philosophical critiques notwithstanding, the pursuit of honest and truthful knowledge is now becoming a widely accepted goal within today’s scientific communities.  Today’s scientists are comprehending that they can gain an understanding of our physical world that will prove (but only to a reasonable way) reliable and persuasively insights within a firmly defined limit of a well-encased domain (the physical realm of objective reality), even though they are well aware that nothing simply comes into being and that all matter enters our OBJECTIVE plain of being from a far more vast SUBJECTIVE realm.  And Quantum Physicists of our day now know without doubt that their ideas of nuclear matter being composed of quarks and gluons is unlikely to be the last word in fundamental physics.  This is especially true with the common understandings within the String Theorists community now embrace a consensus that “Quarks” which heretofore were considered to be the base essence of our physical world are in fact themselves only manifestations of properties of much more dynamically smaller looping vibrational extensions from within a multidimensional reality.  It is not so much that the lines between Science and Spiritualistic reality has become blurred.  No, not at all; to the contrary! It’s just the opposite.  Scientists and Theologians alike are again evolving in their understanding that the closer we come to comprehending the aspects of our man made dividing lines, the more clearly we see they do not actually exist.

Scientific Revelation is not a matter of unchallengeable propositions mysteriously conveyed for the unquestioning acceptance of believers, but it is the record of unique and uniquely significant events of DIVINE disclosure that form an indispensable part of the rational motivation for religious belief, which in time leads to greater knowledge and further in natural course wisdom.

So, . . .  Why Am I Sharing This?

The reasoning behind the existence and coming into being of this page is itself twofold.   First has to do with my own personal unfolding.  The entries presented here reflect an aspect of a trek others may find similar in certain ways to that of there own.  My navigational experience, although unique, may also be quite common in that it is most assuredly cosmic in nature, one intrinsically linked to that of your own as well as every other individual who may happen upon these words.  For some, the material here will be of no immediate value, but may over the course of time become relevant.  Wile for others, the information shared here may in fact either seed, trigger, stimulate and prod or even confirm some long pondered inner concepts pertaining to their own very existence and reason for being.  This is my way of spelling outwardly my LOVE and gratitude for this life’s opportunities of growth.  This is but a means to share that which I have been most fortunate to be a conduit of and for.  With my having come into a firm understanding of the realization that “ALL IS MIND”, an inexplicable yet tenacious sense of responsibility has connected itself to the most foundational fibers of my being.  Secondly, this new and growing sense of immediate responsibility has most recently been ignited and further fueled by a sizable number of phone calls and e-mails from individuals expressing a common interest in such matters.  And with there being no other appropriate place within the site nor any other platform of my construct to air these matters, there became a clear understanding that supplementing this site with a section dedicated to explaining certain metaphysical realities would prove beneficial for many Truth Seeks (Moorish and otherwise).  Further, . . it has simply become fact that although it was not at all any part of my initial interest to utilize this forum as a vehicle to express the realities unfolding here, the volume at which my intuit now compels me to express these truths can no-longer reasonably be ignored.

After several conversations with a number of inquisitive callers it became quite clear that there existed a very basic and elementary need for certain foundational of realities to be explored.  And that this exploration would require a similar methodical unfolding.  And within that process there is required a seeding of certain root and elementary truths which must be sown.  A vocabulary and lexicon of interlacing commonly understood precepts must be set into such proximity as to reveal certain heretofore unrevealed truths hidden in clear sight, never really masked other than by our own inabilities to see.  So, without further ado:


The true hidden talent within many considered genius may be revealed in their artful skill of hiding sources. Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.  We can’t expect to solve our problems by using the same kind of thinking which created them and we can most certainly never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.





In the latter part of October, 2015 a newly rediscovered technology was revealed which possesses the capacity of producing not only Plasma Generated FREE ENERGY, but also defines (simplistically yet thoroughly) a dynamic means by which any matter (from Gold to Food and Water, etc.) can be literally calibrated into existence as is explained in the following two videos: [( PART 1   &  PART 2 ] .   This newly re-discovered PLASMA TECHNOLOGY being reintroduced by the Keshe Foundation literally unlocks and places The Power of The Universe at ones fingertips.  The key of course to its positive potential to cure the ills of our world rests within the collective hive mind of man.  How we as a species will use this new technology will determine whether we weather our own lower inclinations and/or continue to survive (IN OUR PRESENT FORMS or any other.)  The following LINK will provide further access to a number of much more in-depth explanations on how this new technology is actually being put into practical application at this very moment.   Clicking upon the above photo will provide you with a Torrent Link to the direct download of Keshe’s USB Stick Data that was recently provided and made available to the Ambassadors of “ALL” NATIONS of the Earth this October to be distributed and made available to each citizen of their particular Nation.  So now Moorish Americans have it at well. Please note that the download will be well over a Gig, so make sure you have drive space for capturing the data before downloading.  Should you find yourself having difficulties opening the Zip file, the most likely chance is (as has been the case in most such situations) is that you simply haven’t  allowed the data enough time to download in its totality.  Remember, downloading a file over a Gig in size (even when Zipped) can often take quite a bit of time.  So, should you experience any such difficulties opening your downloaded zip file, simply try a fresh download while allowing it a bit more time before attempting to unpack its content.  After trashing the Zip that wouldn’t open for you, start a fresh download, than just let it be.  Go ahead and attend to other matters you need to accomplish and come back to it after your sure its had more than enough time to download completely.  After doing so, more thank likely you shouldn’t find any difficulties open the file at that point.     Keshe Foundation Video Update



The grand aim of any science is to reveal as we cover the greatest degrees of empirical facts by logical deduction of smallest number of hypotheses or axioms.  The science of MetaCivics is no different.  All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development to be accorded the individual who respects their environment with the understanding that all outside of their-self is “the environment”, other individuals included.


Everything which may be counted does not necessarily count and everything which counts cannot be counted.  A perfection of means, and a confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem.  Although “Information Is Power”, Intuit and Imagination is more important in that data and logic may get you from point “A” to point “B” but Intuitive Imagination will get you to where you need to be.  Now is the age in which man should again look to see what is instead of thinking of how things should be.



Give me that old time religion.

You may hear individuals things such as:  I don’t consider my self Religious, I think of myself as more Spiritual than Religious, Religion is not the same as Spirituality, or Religion is purely Dogmatic or something similar.  When we think of the word Religion we can actually brake it “phonetically” into its two very distinct linguistic communicators to grasp a better sense of its true inference e.g.: “RE” and “LEGION”.  Doing so helps in revealing its true intent.  Its first indicator “RE”, as used within the terms ReTurn,  ReMind, ReMember or even Restore or Restoration carves out for us an well defined mental picture of the word’s intent meaning “BACK”.  Its second indicator “LEGION” identified the subject in which we are being directed BACK to as being a “GROUP”,  “COLLECTIVE” or perhaps a “UNION OF MANY” which further identified for us the word RE-legion as meaning REturning, ReUnion or Realigning oneself with a group, collective, culture or way in which one was originally allied,  alined, connected or belonging to.  Thinking of the word Religion in this manner helps us to appreciate its intended meaning as relating to one’s return or realignment with or to their original cultural group’s spiritual practices.  For us Moors that would mean returning to a practice of learning certain basics regarding key fundamentals pertaining to the operation and principles of Nature.   In other words Moorish Science.

With many now awakening or being stirred by the increasing resonance of this New Era of Enlightenment and dawning of our New Moorish Renaissance, many seeking spiritual nourishment have began inquiring as to the best manner to avail themselves of certain basic fruits of knowledge.  And as a result my intuitive understood there led me to (at a minimum) effect such efforts as to avail others with the information which has come into my possession.  This page is an expression of those efforts.

My religion’s convictions consist of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals itself in the slightest of details within the most seemingly unimportant creature we are able to perceive so inadequately with our frail and vastly limited precepts.  In actuality, the only “thing” truly worthy of our intellectual attempts to prove exists is that which can never be proven yet does so effortlessly itself with each allowed moment of every day by our mere existence.



Father of the Confederacy, Gen. Albert Pike, formerly Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, A.A.S.R. illustrates this by saying: “Through the veil of all the hieratic and mystic allegories of the ancient dogmas, under the seal of all the sacred writings, in the ruins of Nineveh or Thebes, on the worn stones of the ancient temples, and on the blackened face of the sphinx of Assyria or Egypt, in the monstrous or marvelous pictures which the sacred pages of the Vedas translate for the believers of India, in the strange emblems of our old books of Alchemy, in the ceremonies of reception practiced by all the mysterious Societies, we find traces of a doctrine everywhere the same, and everywhere carefully concealed. The occult philosophy seems to have been the nurse or godmother of all religions, the secret lever of all the intellectual forces, the key of all divine obscurities, and the Absolute Queen of Society, in the ages when it was exclusively reserved for the education of the Priests and Kings.” (Morals and Dogma, p. 729.) This may have been true by the time “pats of the” the knowledge made its way to the Europeans; but in earlier days before the European such teachings were common place within our tribes and cultures.

It is evident that man even in his infancy was not left to grow up unaided. There have always been Elders or Sages from whom the less advanced brethren received direction and training; such ever stood beside the earliest cradle of humanity, and gave to the race the needed guidance and impulse toward a higher ideal of civilization. The first great Teachers were advanced souls from other and still earlier systems of evolution. They were the Adepts of the early humanity who established upon this earth the first great Occult Sororities. These lofty Mothers watched over and guided early mankind; and as men advanced and became fitted for higher knowledge they were instructed in the nature of our Creator and the human soul, the mysteries of the unseen world, and the processes of the world’s continual evolution. Such-are the persistent and uncontradictory facts in connection with the Mysteries. Religions, then, have their source in the Occult Hierarchy–the qualified and unqualified guardians of the spiritual growth and/or suppression of the human family.


For those who wish to comprehend a bit more:  Jesus was not the Son of a Lowly Carpenter as many would have you believe.  Jesus (Yoshua Ben Yoseph (Yoshua Son of Yoseph) and his earthly father were builders (not of things made of wood) of Men’s Mental and Moral CharacterStudy your Holy Koran (Circle 7) of the MSTofA for other greater insights regarding your personal and inherent connection with such matters.


and, nothing is new under the Sun.

Our Melanin

Similarly to the conditioning of any body builder’s muscle, the nutrients received as well as the exercise provided is critical to its proper development.  Through the process of photosynthesis light energy (wave particles (data) called photons) are captured and converted into into chemical energy that can be later released to fuel the being’s activities.  This chemical energy is stored in carbohydrate molecules, such as sugars, which are synthesized from carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen (H2O – water).  Although most of us were taught that only plants and certain lower life forms such as algae, and cyanobacteria (organisms known as photoautotrophs perform photosynthesis; the fact is Melanin, that bio-processor which gives our skin that beautiful copper tone of various hues from light caramel to cinnamon brown to even darker tones which can almost appear black or blue (depending on its richness or saturation), also acts in similar manner, not merely as a shield to protect us from the Sun as we’ve been trained to believe, but as a bio-processor as well as bio-computer, which we’ll get into a bit down the road.

Absence of color


This presentment provides Scientific evidence as well as spiritual logic(s) to assist one in comprehending more securely the fact that “Data”/Numbers (Information) we perceive and utilize each moment of our life does in fact constitute (make up) our objective/physical reality in much more practical and amazing ways than some may have ever imagined.


Click and view the following video to find our more about the physiological makeup of “YOUR” Fractal Geometry and its relationship and relevance to Nature and our Cosmos. . . . SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND!



An additional good place to begin is explained within Roden’s Video on Vortex Based Mathematics.  Viewing the video to which the aforementioned hyperlink is connected will provide you a solid foundation in your ability to comprehend how the Nodes (numbers) 1,2,4,5,7, and 8 operate within our OBJECTIVE realm (powered by the SUBJECTIVE real’s oscillation of 6 and 3 anchored by 9 with “0” serving as our Cosmic TORRENT’s Vortex.)  Although known for eons, this and much more has been purposefully hidden from the masses while used by others in nefarious metaphysical fashions to manipulate the course of humanity.

If we were to ponder creation mathematically we might conceive a void as nothing/”No Thing” which representatively we have depicted historically as “0” (zero), which,. .  if out of it there were to emerge any event, occurrence or singularity (some “thing” emerging out of No-thing), that “being”, that node could logically (and has been historically/customarily) be represented as “1“.  Because this singularity occurred in a space occupied by No Other “Thing”, “1” now (an Objective Reality) logically represents “ALL”.  And, since the “Subjective” Void or “0” which proceeded that event, “0” can not logically exist in the presence of a Object-ive” singularity (because the mere nature of its existence would constitute the existence of some-thing beyond “The All” which logically could only be perceived as a “Duality”, a change/manifestation of some sort was required.  With logic persisting and “0” having No “Thing” by which to effect  “1”  (e.g.: 0-1=1) the only option would logically be that power of “1” effect “0“, and since “1” and “0” (10) represents our only operative factors “1” must effect “0” with cause and effect/embracing while taking away (1-10=9) creating, evolving and devolving to manifest or bring into being the note or number “9” (which may also be expressed as (3+6 or 6 +3)) completing the effective circuitry of subjective reality (as would be represented by number).  With logic persisting and governed by the rule of polarity, cause and effect, the equal yet opposite manifestation of the Objective nodes harmoniously came into effect (1,2,4,5,7,and 8) which may also be numerically represented as relative Objective counterparts (1+2+4+5+7 +8 = 27 or 2+= 9) to the Subjective/Spiritual 3, 6, 9. [ Like Th Pointer Sister’s Song: “3, 6, 9, the Goose drank the wind. The Monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line.  The line broke.  The Monkey got choked and the all went to heaven in a little row boat (a vessel powered with harmonious unity,  positive energetic ACTION) –  Clap Hans – 1, 2″ (or “when two or more come together (in my name), there I am (the spiritual resonating energy of our ONE and only Divine Creator!]  See how things of a spiritual nature (which have always been right there) reveal them self clearly once under stood?

If you choose not to create your own agenda, you will undoubted be destined to live someone else’s,

one most likely crafted to serve another

other than yourself.

Any science without our God is defective and a religion without science suffers within the dark of spiritual blindness.  The two sided sward of comprehension is Nature’s third greatest gift, the second is intuit and the first compassion.  However, many have exchanged all three for power over others.

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Relative to the above last statement, Einstein once said he felt as if revealing the power contained within the atom was a kin to providing matches to gasoline soaked monkeys”.  So why did he do it?  He also stated: “The REDISCOVERY of how to release of atomic energy has not created a new problem as much as it has merely made more urgent our necessity to solve our existing one.  He went on to say “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Although both statements indeed profound, in my opinion his most notable intelligent utterance was at his final press conference when asked (as the world’s most notable physicist of his day, and an individual who had studied and postulated upon our physical reality in far deeper manner than most can imagine) what is REALITY?  He replied: An Illusion, although a persistent one.”   This understanding which he finally arrived at near the end of his career was nothing other than the same conclusion arrived at by most sages/wise men and gurus of all ages and sheds light upon the subject of this expose regarding “MetaCivics” (the application of metaphysical principles within your Civic (civilized) behavior/conduct/activities/actions.)  



Common sense has become merely the acquisition of prejudices.  Uncommon Sense is better.  If we could comprehend with “Uncommon Sense” but only a small fraction of what Nature reveals, we would immediately cease our devotion to purse fading illusions. 

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The occurrences of events in this domain we call reality are beyond the reach of exact prediction because of the variety of factors in operation, not because of any lack of order in Nature.  In this reality, our dimension, CHAOS does not exist.  There is no such thing as lack of Order.  There is only our lack of understanding it!  In truth, there is no logical way to the discovery of the elemental laws of nature.  There is only the way of intuition, helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance of chaos from the vantage point of our individual mis-perspectives which are 100% Subjective and illusionary.  Persistent as it may appear, this Reality is in fact merely an illusion; one which can not be fully understood nor explained in simple terms.  Or can’t it?  Einstein was unable to do so because his perspective and resulting explanations of  reality were always a view point or perspective from within the box looking outward.  Even though Einstein expressed his postulations eloquently (through the mathematical computations of physics) his summations regarding reality as it relates to the workings of our physical world, the Origins /Genesis of our COSMOS and the governing framework of powering this dimension will always fall short for the simple reason of his inability to accept the fact that the only true “Functional Relativity” governing our OBJECtive Physical Reality has nothing at all to do with anything physical.  All Is Mind!



Nothing (NO “THING”) comes into being before it is a thought.  Be it the computer I’m now typing on or the table, floor and earth upon which it is supported, none of it came into being before it was first perceived, conceived and in turn made manifest

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. Even the atoms which make up the cells in which my fingers are comprised are but a part of my body which could not have come into existence as being before a WILL and the Power of it’s  Intent made it so..  Even if my Mother’s pregnancy and my resulting birth were unintended, neither could have come into being without first their being a thought or impulse to initiate the initial process.  The same stands true for all which exists within the physical (objective) and spiritual (subjective) world for that matter. But as for our physical plain, all which comes into being here must first come into being as a resonating thought beyond our physical existence.  From the most minute particle within in the air we breathe, even the planets comprising our Solar System, our Milky Way galaxy as well as all which lies beyond is made manifest from a singular intelligence beyond.   Before delving into our first lesson it would be appropriate to present the following from Chapter 1 of The (Circle Seven) Koran of The Moorish Holly Temple of Science Divinely Prepared by our Noble and Universal Prophet Drew Ali.

The Creation And Fall of Man

” Times never was when man was not.” If life of man at any time began, a time would come when it would end.  “The thoughts of Allah cannot be circumscribed.  No finite mind can comprehend things infinite.  All finite things are subject unto change.  All finite things will cease to be because there was a time when they were not.”  The bodies and the souls of men are finite things, and they will change, yea, from the finite point of view the time will come when they will be no more.  “But man himself is not the body, nor the soul; he is a sprit and a part of Allah.”  Creative Fate gave to man, to sprit-man, a soul that he might function on the plane of soul; gave him a body of flesh, that he might function on the plane of things made manifest.  Why did creative Fate give to sprit-man a soul that he might function on the plane of soul?  Why did creative Fate give to soul a body of flesh that he might function on the plane of things that are made manifest?

“Hear, now, ye cherubim, ye seraphim, ye angels and ye men!

“Hear, now, oh protoplast, and earth, and plant and beast!

“Hear, now, ye creeping things of earth, ye fish that swim, ye birds that fly!

“Hear, now, ye winds that blow, ye thunders and ye lightnings of the sky!

“Hear, now, ye sprits of the fire, of water, earth and air!

“Hear, now, oh everything that is, or was, or evermore will be, for Wisdom speaks from out of the highest plane of sprit life:

Man is a thought of Allah; all thoughts of Allah are infinite; they are not measured up by time, for things that are concerned with time, begin and end.

“The thoughts of Allah are the everlasting of the past unto the never ending days to come.  And so is man, the sprit-man.

“But man like other thoughts of Allah, was but a seed, a seed that held within itself the potencies of Allah,  just as seed of any plant of earth holds deep within itself the attributes of every part of that especial plant.

“So sprit-man, as seed of Allah held deep within himself the attributes of every part of God.

“Now, seed are perfect, yea, as perfect as the source from which they come; but they unfold into life made manifest.  The child is as perfect as the mother is.  So man, the seed, must be deep planted in a soil that he might grow, unfold, as does the bud unfold to show the flower.  The human seed that came forth from the heart of Allah was full ordained to be the Lord of plane of soul, and of the plane of things made manifest.  S Allah, the husbandman of every thing is, threw forth this human seed into the soil of soul; it grew apace, and man became a living soul; and he became the Lord of all the kingdom of the soul.  Hark, now, let every creature hear, the plane of soul is but the ether of the spirit plane vibrating not so fast, and in the slower rhythm of this plane the essences of life are manifest; the perfumes and the odors, the true sensations and the all of love are manifest.

“And these soul attributes become a body beautiful.  A multitude of lessons man must learn upon the plane of soul; and here he tarries many ages until his lessons are learned.  Upon the boundary of the plane of soul, the ether began to vibrate slower still and than the essence took on a final garb; the perfumes and the odors and the true sensations and THE ALL OF LOVE were clothed in flesh; and man was clothed in flesh.  Perfect man must passthrough all the ways of life, and so a carnal nature was full manifest, a nature that sprang forth from fleshly things.  Without a foe a soldier never knows his strength,  and thought must be developed by the exercise of strength.  And so this carnal nature soon became a foe that man must fight, that he might be the strength of Allah made manifest.  Let every living thing stand still and hear!  Man is the Lord of all the plane of manifest, of protoplast, of mineral, of plant, of beast, but he gave up his birthrights, just to gratify his lower self.  But man will regain his lost estate, his heritage; but he must do it in a conflict that cannot be told in words.  Yea, he must suffer trials and temptations manifold; but let him know that cherubim and seraphim that rule the stations of the sun and sprit of the mighty Allah who rule the solar stars are his protectors and his guide, and they will lead to victory.  Man will be fully saved, redeemed, perfected by the things he suffers on the plane of flesh, and on the plane of soul.  When man has conquered carnal things his garb of flesh will than have served its purpose well and it will fall; will be no more.

“Then he will stand untrammeled on the plane of soul where he must full complete his victories.  Unnumbered foes will stand before man upon the plane of soul; these he must overcome, yea, overcome them every one.  Thus hope will ever be his beacon light; there is no failure for the human soul, for Allah is leading on and VICTORY IS SURE.

“Man cannot die;  the spirit-man is one with Allah, and while Allah lives man cannot die.   When man has conquered every foe upon the plane of soul the seed will have opened out, will have unfolded in the Holy Breath.  The garb of soul will then have served its purpose well, and man will need it never more, and it will pass and be no more and man will then attain unto the blessedness of perfectness and be at one with Allah.”

There is only one objective reality of any importance, and that is that the powerful of this world will require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.

Our Souls System

Meta Poster

MetaCivics 101

The reason this section has been coined MetaCivics 101 is because this section’s basic primer is designed to assists one in seeing clearly the direct correlations between certain “Numerical Values” within our Metaphysical Spiritual World and proper operational mechanisms often taken for granted within our Physical World.  The reason I utilized the phrase “Numerical Values” is to highlight how we often use this phrases (like others) without even recognizing its true inner meaning: NEW MIRACLE Value.  Those entities we call numbers, are the nodes which identify the degree, angle and  geometrical attitude of a subjects unique articulation within reality. [Although in our dimension no two items can occupy the same space, in actuality ALL IS ONE.]

As we Moors navigate toward a higher comprehension of the inner and outer balanced polarities of our physical realities through an exploration of our sciences i.e. Properties of the Laws governing Mathematics, Astrology/Astro-Logics, Numerology and other elementary networks of our Solar, Cosmic and Biological Systems; incrementally it will become more apparent how everything works harmoniously in tandem with all other things, spiritual and material within our lives according to certain (“proper“) prime principle, rules, conditions and conducts of order established and set into motion by our creator.



trip 6

Stevie Wonder’s Inner Visions was correct when he said ” If you believe in things that you don’t understand, you’ll suffer.”  It is important for us to remain mindful of our past social conditioning and programing, how most have been trained (since birth) to look away from and be fearful of truth.  We’ve been fortified by such indiums as “Man Live by Faith Alone“, when in fact “BELIEF” systems are only suitable for children until such time that they are ready to EVOLVE through and upward to higher degrees of knowledge in pursuits of greater wisdoms rooted in truth.  Long ago under Romans occupation (and under conditions some of which quite similar in nature to those of our’s today) Yeshua ben Yosef  (Jeshua son of Yosef  also known as Jesus)  said: “My People Suffer From A Lack of Knowledge.

The very familiar term “Elementary School” has its roots within the deeper understanding that in days of old a child’s formal education began with a learning of matter(s) on the sub-cellular/atomic and nuclear levels upward for a far more astute and  comprehensive understanding of reality than is today taught within universities and other institutions of higher learning.

 Please Stand By,

and be sure to return to this page to see how all of the above correlates Astrologically as well as Biologically.


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Although the Federal Reserve Notes shown in the above picture were printed years, perhaps even decades before the destruction of the World Trade Towers, the engravings clearly show the buildings falling in the exact manner in which the buildings were toppled.  Is this simply a very interesting COINCIDENCE or perhaps something more, i.e.  Applied Metaphysics?  What’s even further more interesting is that the engravings on the reverse sides of the bills show the destruction of the Pentagon’s disaster in the exact same precise sequential manner.  It certainly makes one ponder. If something of this magnitude is the workings of a group who understands Operative Metaphysical to such a degree as to be able to project and place into effect (“years in advance”) such evil mechanisms; it most certainly would make a logical “awaken” mind wonder not only how it is possible to evoke such forces to manipulate the fears of mankind at such a critical time in our evolution, but also, what next do they have in store and is there anything that may be done Metaphysically to counter balance such egregious further evil deeds before it is to late.

Real MONEY (not Federal Reserve Notes) e.g. Gold and Silver is called CURRENCY not merely because the metal out of which they are minted have the capacity to carry a CURRENT but also because the elements from which they are constructed also have the capacity to hold and transmit positive energies from one individual to another and work as conduction vehicles similar to relays on a grid fortifying positive vibrations among us.  Further of course similarly to other forms of exchange units currency/gold and or silver acts as a mechanism which allows for the fair exchange of energies exerted by one individual to the hands or possession of another i.e. if one man exerts three or four hours of (his or her life) energy to bring any given thing into fruition (such as the plowing of a field or the crafting of a bowl), the energy exerted is (or should be) equal in value to the currency provided for the given task “theoretically” and should be such that it may in turn be used as a currency exchange mechanism which may be provided or passed along to another individual for the energy they exerted creating or bringing to fruition what ever task they manifested through the expenditure of their (vital life) energy.  This but one simple aspect of metaphysical properties/energies in action.  But of course it goes much deeper when we take into the account our mental attitude regarding money; its impact on our conscious and unconscious/subconscious being/self.  It takes up more real-estate in our minds than we may wish to admit.  With it being (for many) a determinant of our security, (will we have food for our family, a roof over our heads, shoes on child’s feet or the medication required to make it to the next day) it is without doubt an important factor.  Especially in today’s urban environment where the cost of living is so high and we no longer grow our own food, make our own clothing, know the use and/or benefits of nature’s herbal remedies and in many cases have become truly dependent upon our urban infrastructure, money is on our mind and our minds are on our money.  Some folk even believe that if they don’t give a significant portion on it to the preacher, their very mortal soul may be at stake! The psychology of money or the science behind the metaphysical power of that “ICON” is a dynamic well understood by those who dictate its creation and flow (through your hands as well as mind.)  And the symbols place upon it are by no measure arbitrary in nature.  The are not merely representations of dreams, goals, aspirations or nor simply pictures of notable historical individuals or events to remind us of certain histories, they can in many ways be thought of a kin to hieroglyphs.  In ancient Egypt/Kemet a young child walking around would have no other choice other than be surrounded by metaphysical and metaphorical imagery designed to resonate in such a fashion as to positively stimulate the very fibers of their being.  Large monoliths (predecessors to the Washington Monument) acted as resonators which actually brought harmonic balance to our cellular vibratory infrastructure on a molecular level, tuning us for better vibrations one could say.  Helpful POWER keys, symbols and tools of positive mental stimulation were unavoidable and common place, even down to the images on our plates on which we partook of our physical nourishment.


The eye gives access to space/volume, and therefore a means by which to measure.  In Egypt, the sections of the eye were the glyphs for the fractions 1/2 to 1164. The parts total 63164. [The sum of successive division will always fall short of true unity except at infinity, which is perfectly consonant with Egyptian conscious understanding that only the Absolute is “1” (on the objective plain of reality and “0” within the spiritual.]


So how does this apply to any of the above and metaphysics in general you might ask.  Well, to answer this we must first pause to take a look at numbers, not merely as units by which to count “things” but in a new manner; as actual forces of energy.  We must think beyond considering numbers as simply conceptual units by which to compute amounts or degrees of specific things, but ACTUAL FORCES. Yes that is correct, Actual FORCES! Understanding this will help one to gain a greater appreciation of a number’s true or actual value numerically (NEW-MIRACLE VALE.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.28.23 PM

Unlike many who know truth yet opt to hide certain immutable facts to benefit political ends, I will attempt to craft this section in a manner which hopefully will not only help you with a logical unfolding of invaluable truths to aid in the important process of gaining a clearer view of reality, but also do so in a manner as not to cause or agitate animosities toward others suffering within their own ignorance.

We can not expect those who have ALWAYS know the truth to suddenly 360 or deep 6 their practices for the betterment of humanity, nor should we wast valuable energies negatively pondering revengeful scenarios which only serve to re-legion us to wrongful ways of the past.


What will instead be employed within this series of critical thinking exercises will be patterns of logic designed to guide you back to a higher state of mind/to that of your foremothers’ and fathers’ of which undoubtedly you are, genetically, spiritually and metaphysically.

the 4

When it comes to the material world it its their (at the resident/resonate node 4) that CONSCIOUSNESS Takes Root into the (MATER-EL) Material World and vibrations we perceive as sound and light (vectors) begin their (or its) interlacing to manifest the vibrational quality we value as Formmmmmmmmmmm. The first base New Miracle of first Value, or completed component of physical reality is Formed.

not a number

“4”  is A LIVING Principle Dynamic of Thought.

Each digit following “4” is merely a re-expression of that which proceeded it, a ramification of prior activity.

1 through 9 are alive or animate realities as properties of life within you!

In ones study of The SEPHER YETZIRAH/The Book of Formation it becomes clear that it is not simply of value what is written there, but even more so how the spell(s) are articulated. An example of which is found in the cipher of the 13th Sephira which shows how the text is constructed, in which the text as a key in fact shows the body of the treatise in a very unique and particular formation, one in which the Teacher begins to formally admonished the student on the importance of the node or number “10” in the 4th Paragraph of Chapter1. And is expressed in manner to illustrate that the expression of all material consciousness is calibrated through the number 10. Thus Chapter “1” Paragraph “4” represents the sum total of the whole numbers 1 thru 4 or 1 + 2+ 3 + 4 = 10.    So as not to lose anyone, I’ll use lay out certain aspects reflective properties regarding numbers which may aid in bridging the gap between how numbers are viewed and what they really are.

  • The Number 1 is called or resonates the vibratory frequency called Yud or Yod
  • The Number 2 is called or resonates the vibratory frequency called He
  • The Number 3 is called or resonates the vibratory frequency called Waw or Vau
  • The Number 4 is called or resonates the vibratory frequency called Heh – Ha


HIS-STORY-NOTE: Etymologically  YHWA or Yahweh’s origins are debated but there is widespread acceptance that the term did not originate with Israel. Yahweh began for Europeans as an epithet of El (Bronze Age) Canaanite pantheon but earlier plausible references place Yahweh among the nomads of the southern Transjordan, the East Bank, or the Transjordanian Highlands (Hebrew: ??? ??????, Ever HaYarden), which is the part present-day Jordan (in Africa, not the fabricated “The Middle East”.  If there’s a Middle East where is the Upper or Lower or for that matter Left or Right East?)  This region was controlled by numerous powers throughout history. However, during the early modern era, the region under jurisdiction of the OTTOMAN Empire.

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In the oldest biblical literature Yahweh is a typical ancient Near Eastern divinity who leads the heavenly army against Israel’s enemies. YHWA became the main god of the northern Kingdom of (Biblical) Israel and patron of its royal dynasty. Over time, Yahwism became increasingly intolerant of rivals, and the ROYAL COURT (later governing over the region) and temple principles promoted Yahweh as the god of the entire cosmos, possessing all the positive qualities previously attributed to the other gods and goddesses as was perceived in the minds of the European Greeks and Romans who did not understand or could not culturally comprehend the veritable aspects, temperaments or demeanors of the ONE GOD of Creation. With the work of Second Isaiah (the theoretical author of the second part of the Bible’s (biblos helitex) Book of Isaiah) towards the end of the Babylonian exile (6th century BC), the very existence of other god concepts were denied, and Yahweh was proclaimed as the Creator.

Seek Inward

Although we are INDIGENOUS Americans, the various copper colored people who inhabited this land for eons prior to the arrival of the European Colonist, our culture is GLOBAL!

In this, our New Era of Enlightenment, we, MOORS/Asiatic Americans have been charged with the awesome responsibility of meeting the preeminent dictum(s) set forth by our Divinely Inspired Prophet Noble Drew Ali to fulfill destiny’s dictates as those who’s actions and conduct will assuredly begin the process of Uplifting Fallen Humanity.   And to do so we must now begin our ascension process.  This will be a process which must begins with us regaining a mastery over many under-and-inner-standings regarding 1st. Self, . . . Mother Earth and or Universe’s Cosmic Reality we have been placed within to learn from.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.43.29 PM

The above is NOT a Photoshopped picture.

And although we may have been Hoodwinked and Bamboozled by many  (and often unfortunately our own), the time has now again come for each to play their own individual role within our global collective to rise to the grand occasion.  The metaphysical aspect of Uplifting Fallen Humanity is nothing at all to be taken lightly; and will require not only herculean efforts on the part of ALL Active Conscious Moors, it will most certainly require understanding the operative faculties of LOVE as we effect cooperation across and by the entire positive spectrum of humanity.  And it is at this point that it would be wise that we remain mindful of our Prophet’s ammunitions, that he was made manifest as a UNIVERSAL prophet who came to us because “we needed him most”.  But we also comprehend in the same light that we are the chosen because of the roles we have played (both positive and genitive) across the fabric of time in time memorial and by such course must today play astutely our divine roles that there may be a tomorrow in which our children may also play.  That’s why we must painstakingly do our utmost now to comprehend the profound and foundational aspects of our part in the much grander cosmic scheme ahead.  As we study, study, study not only the given topic of importance i.e. HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, LAW/LEGAL JURISPRUDENCE and the like, we must also just as assuredly embrace the task of thoroughly understanding those things which have been hidden from us for far to long.  But fortunately, for us, the vibratory refinements currently coming into order and effect in this (OUR) new era, are resonating frequencies which we are most suited biologically to benefit from.  So with that, we will proceed with further insights about NUMBER and other things metaphysical.

chart 2

Now that we are aware of some of the more basic truths such as the fact that we are not any of the previously accepted brands Negro, Black, Colored, African Americans, but are in fact Conscious individuals collectively understanding a new the nature of our Nationality and no longer operating in the capacity as minors unable to handle the affairs of men, we are ready to soberly move forward toward the task of reshaping our higher mental faculties beyond theoretical toward the innate and divine metaphysical abilities woven within the fabric of us ALL.



The Metaphorical Expressions of Space & Time

[Consciousness: An effect of 3D Sensory Perception]


Objective reality is what we perceive.

Although our reality is a manifestation which comes into being by either only one of two simple or practical methods e.g.: We either create our reality or our reality is created by others for us to experience by their design; there is of course certain physical principle which always exist.  On the most primal level these principles are merely expressions of various energies which determine how a particular thing (like a molecule of MATTER) will manifest and its behavior once manifested.

What we perceive as being reality by our conscious mind’s intake of certain stimuli e,g,:  light (into our 2 eyes), smells (through our two 2 nostrils, taste with our 1 mouth, and our 2 ear’s receiving sounds as an expressions of certain radiating energies through a successive process of electrical impulse relays to our brain) constitutes the manner in which we perceive the world around us.   Through the ages, this fact has been expressed by man in many ways.  The above diagrams are but a few.  Ancient man’s deeper understanding of these matters however  far surpassed that of our own.   This is true only because the information has been suppressed,  not because it is to difficult for us to comprehend.  Much has been hidden behind such taboo expressions as Occult Mysticism, Magic, Ho-Do and countless other terms used to keep the common individual fearful of the empowerment of knowledge locked away for the practice and practical operating benefits of only but a select few.

At the risk of scaring away readers of this section (who have been very patient up to this point) with my attempts thus far to explain the relevant and practical importance of these matters, I am now going to take a stab at showing a couple of the principles understood by ancient man.   And yest I know that trying to explain something of this nature in an elementary manner is to a certain degree futile, but I’ll never the less stubbornly do my best to provide somewhat of a reader’s Digest Encapsulated Version on how it works.  But I promise to keep it to only one short paragraph before moving on to the meat of what I’m certain most will find more interesting.

NOTE: Even though this next short paragraph is not at all as vital to understand as it would be for a physicist, it is of some practical importance to know that the basis of most metaphysical principles are rooted in the an understanding of what these base operative factors are.

In the simplest physical terms ‘water‘ represents MATTER, ‘fire‘ is ENERGY and ‘air‘ is the SPACE which allows the two to interact.  On somewhat of a deeper physical level, fire, water and air represent the three basic or primal physical forces.  ‘Fire’ is an expression of electromagnetic force through which all MATTER interacts. The atomic nucleus, however, consists of like-positive charges, which would repel each other if only electromagnetism existed.  In our physical plain there must therefore exist another force, one which can bind the nucleus together.  Physicists call this the ‘strong nuclear’ or pionic force represented by ‘water’.  If this nuclear force were to interact with all particles, however, all matter in our physical world would be mutually attracted together, forming one large solid denser than a neutron star.  On the other hand, even within each elementary particle, there is a need for a cohesive force to counteract the electromagnetic repulsion within the particle itself.  This force can be neither electromagnetic nor pionic. This is the ‘air’, the ether, the ‘suspiriorum‘, the third force representing the weak nuclear energy which decides between the other two.  It is this force that allows photon light particles (leptons) to exist and provides us the ability to see, visualize/perceive the world in which we live.

The following diagram, the Cube of Space or luminous Cube of ‘Ayn Sof Aur, whose arms extend to infinity’ according to certain Rabbinic scholars.  It is a map of cosmic energies and their functions in the manifestation of energy/structure and consciousness in the universe. The Cube of Space is also an internal mapping of the familiar outer mapping of the wheel of our Zodiac and represents an inner view of energy in perpetual manifestation.

Hidden within the Cube are the four inner dimensions symbolized by the four winds or the houses of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio. The seventh planet, found at the center of the Cube is Lavanah, the Moon formed by Tav, the last letter and Aleph’s counterpart. The CENTER is our own human psyches.


Recently it has been postulated that our reality is binary Matrix which, interestingly has very recently been proven within the architecture of one of the seven or so elements of String Theory has shown there to exist an actual and extremely specific form of ERROR CORRECTION Computer Code within not only our DNA, but within the actual fabric of the cosmos and the state of the art Super-string equations defining it our reality.  Clicking the following photo of University Professor S. James Gates, Jr. will allow you to view a fascinating video on the subject.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.54.59 PM

Close inspection of the following chart by constructed by ALEX PETTY (which can be studied in far greater depth at hus site AlexPetty.com ) will unfold for the astute facts bearing the hypothesis and clearly shows that The long time standard for keyboard encoding is known as ASCII. Since ASCII is a base-2 8-bit standard, it supports 256 unique values. Just as a 16-bit binary standard requires 2 bytes to cover a range of 512 characters, a DNA-based keyboard encoding standard, with its limit of 64 values per codon, requires multiple codons to support the ASCII standard. This can be implemented as follows:

Keyboard Encoding Standard

ASCII standard encoding with DNA translation

Ascii and DNA

Clicking the above chart will take you to its author’s site for a far more in-depth and detailed analysis of the illustrated phenomenon.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.51.11 AM

And as we proceed further, the ever increasing patterns of mathematically relevant familiarity will become even more intriguing for most interested in such matters.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.30.32 PM

Another manner in which matter may also be understood has been illustrated by Alex at his site (AlexPetty.com) as a manifestation of very high frequency harmonics.  To better appreciate the concept  one can simply consider Alex’s chart listing all the known elements that make up the physical universe.

A Divinely Mathematical Photon/Plasma Symphony

Light and Matter

To this researcher, one of the most fascinating concepts speculated upon by Alex is his understanding of how ALL energies cycle through countless octaves of light and that there is an actual correspondence between the quality of mind-generated causality and rate of light vibration produced by that mind.

In Alex’s research he goes on to explain how a mind generating high vibrational causality will be perceived on the stage of effects as the author of kindness and love, and further, that a mind generating low vibrational causality will be perceived on the stage of effects as the author of shades of darkness and hatred.  his understanding of how each octave is like every other except for in scale, not only shine a fresh light on the idem “As Above, So Below” (as is also reflected in Alex’s charts), open minded study of his work (to this particular research) shows a very direct correlation to the dynamic reveals of both Marco Roden and the work being developed out of Dr. Keshe’s Foundation  (as described above).

A mind generating extremely high vibrational causality will be perceived on the stage of effects as the author of the “miraculous” for such a one is no longer bound by the ordinary constraints of physical existence. Such minds, through persistent effort, have become able to work natively with extremely high vibrations of light, vibrations so high as to be beyond the range of ordinary human experience. Such experiences transcend the senses and these minds are able to work consciously with Astral light by intention alone.

Though this eventuality is the aspiration of all major spiritual teachings, I have set out to show that one can reach these conclusions (and experiences) by scientifically following where the clues of light and sound harmonics lead which is to the inner study of one’s own mind and the eventual understanding that all minds are in fact Unified as One Mind in the cosmic vastness of the Conscious Field.

Before closing on this matter and moving on, another truly fascinating reveal within Alex’s work (SEE HIS CHARTS HERE) and Marco’s brilliant study of Number/Nodes EXISTING AS THE ONLY TRUE EXPRESSION OF THE INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE BASE CONSCIOUS’ SUBJECTIVE REALITY OF MAN, is as so succinctly expressed in the words of Alex Petty himself:

” 9 is the intention of Mind to either constructively expand (multiply if the expansion in spatial) or to destructively contract (divide if the contraction is spatial).

3 and 6 are the force of Mind’s intention (extending thus from 9) exerted upon the conscious field as a vibratory pressure of light.

1, 2, 4, 8, 7 and 5 are the archetypal vibrations of form, shepherded through space and time, arranging themselves according to the self-organizing principle extended through nature’s law of polarity.”  And the relativity of this matter to Marco’s works can be seen in Alex’s illustration as shown below and explained here.

AlexPetts Roden relativity


Our divine and noble prophet encouraged us to (as he put it) “get a good European education”; because he understood that a truly good European education obtainable on certain social levels beyond that of most, is in fact a Moorish education, in that a Good education is a thorough education; one which includes True History as is most certainly learned by those attending higher forms of education in special schools beyond that of your average Collage Class Room and is inclusive of lessons not only regarding the true nature of us Moors, self and other metaphysical truths, but also how these wisdoms are best made functional.   It is in this spirit that the following video lesson is being provided.

The following four short video lessons (“Kabbalah Revealed”) presented by Anthony Kosinec will provide you with a better understanding of how a number of new and more insightful rabbinic scholars are viewing and/or comprehend Kabbalah (their once hidden path to enlightenment).  While viewing the following material it would be wise to remain mindful that certain minor cultural beliefs regarding the origins of certain schools of thought will of course be conveyed from the presenter’s ethnic perspective, which although only natural, may not in all instances be as accurate when pertaining to the historical facts of who created what.  With that said however, that’s a minor matter which should not keep an honest seeker from enjoying the benefits of the primary truths being conveyed.  If one is unable to learn or profit by truths being furnished by another individual or group simply because of certain ethnic or historical prejudices one may hold against that group or individual’s culture or ethnicity; that individual harboring such prejudices will remain a fool destined to forever flounder, unable to increase their potential.  I would have hope that not only Moors will benefit from the work, energy and wide amount of information presented on this sight as a whole, but individuals from all other tribes will find benefits to aid in the uplifting process as well.  Remember, our Prophet was UNIVERSAL.  He came to us because we needed him most.  All of this has been stressed only to urge you to remain as open-minded as possible in order that you may benefit as greatly as possible.  Following the video I will provide other information which will assist further in clearing up any misunderstandings which may have been conveyed or misunderstood for that matter.

One further minor matter before proceeding; . . .  yes, we have the resources to have simply produced a video similar to the following, but that, in addition to being quite labor and time intensive would also be defeating a significant aspect of our whole point and reason for creating this section.  This particular instructor Tony Kosinec Director the North American Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center (who’s content we are utilizing for this educational moment without any edited modifications) is always quite consistent in the excellent manner in which he presents what could otherwise be an extremely difficult body of material to convey so clearly in common terms as Tony has done in the following video.  Further, we know the true origins of this material being presented and have no fears, animosities nor concern that our visitors will be led astray.  In fact, we encourage everyone viewing the following video to complete the educational series.  As you rise in your degrees of consciences ego diminishes along with other burdensome maladies which may at present be hindering certain comprehensions.  Also, if you did not view Roden’s Vortex Based Mathematics (accessible via the link provided elsewhere above) you should and would be better off for it should you venture to do so.  Information is power.  Wisdom is Divine Power.


Part 1-4

The remaining 12 free “Self Study” online video class in this series “KABBALAH REVEALED” may be accessed by clicking this link.

 According to the ‘Book of Creation‘ the external dimensions of the ‘Cube of Space‘ represent the manifestation of energy in its external or outer aspect. The inner creation is hidden in the four inner dimensions, or “Inner Court,” the literal ‘cross roads’ of the four winds of our psyche where the initial stepping down of the cosmic energy from Ayn-Sof takes place via the thirty-two Nativot-Phaliot or “Wondrous Paths”.

Each Sephirot of the Cube of Space is “sealed” with, or receives, the YHWH energy in one of six combinations of the three root letters. This sealing can be understood from the inside, that is to say, in terms of the inner meanings, or semantic structure, of the “signs” (autiot) themselves, and the structures can literally speak for themselves. The seventh seal lies at the center of the cube – the aforementioned ‘crossroads’ from whence the ‘wondrous paths’ radiate and to which conversely all roads lead.



Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.33.56 PM

Dear and Noble Family,

Although we have been assured that we will “ALL” play our own divinely assigned roles in the noble task of Uplifting Fallen Humanity, it is imperative that we “ALL” also now begin casting off our self imposed limitations and start our own personal journeys inward to access our individual abilities required to meet our given cosmic responsibilities. And in this matter, it’s not about “THEM”. It is ONLY about us, the cosmology of our own personal constitutions.

Subtle belief systems circumscribe our PERSONAL REALITY. It is also critical to come at some point into a secured understanding of the fact that most of our beliefs lie beyond the easy reach of our intellects. Outside our scope of awareness, they literally define, and thus also limit, that which we allow our selves to perceive and interpret as reality.

Because our individual and personal core beliefs are profoundly ingrained, it is far more difficult for us to successfully integrate information connected to LARGER New Truths into deeper levels of significant understanding. Because we find certain material to be intellectually easy to understand or conceptually obvious does not necessarily indicate that the significance of that material has actually sunk in to our deeper recesses of knowing. What passes for intellectual understanding is often shallow and incomplete because we have no measurable means by which to accurately assess the extent of our own ignorance. The logical result of an awareness of our ignorance relative to some very important issue is an uncomfortable anxiety for many of us – the anxiety of not knowing what we desperately and intuitively know we need to know. We generally feel compelled to produce an “apparently” solid assessment of the problem regardless of how much we know or do not know. In order to ensure that our assessment appears solid enough to significantly reduce the fear-based anxiety brought on by our individual or collective ignorance, we make assumptions about the degree, quality and completeness of our knowledge that invariably lead us to interpret “shallow and incomplete” as “sufficient and conclusive”. We must be carful. The resulting intellectual judgment, regardless how ill conceived, will always produce a conclusion that appears (to us, its creator) to be reasonably certain as well as obviously correct. And like magic, Presto-change-o! Those aforementioned discomforting anxiety disappears as pseudo-knowledge is manufactured by our egos to deny ignorance its due.

As we venture forward into our destined leadership (and into our charged responsibility and process of uplifting fallen humanity) we must remain unwaveringly clear in our sight and comprehension of how fear of not knowing often assuages itself by creating believable self-satisfying scenarios that provide an alternative to acknowledging and accepting ignorance (which by the way in and of itself is not a crime, wherein remaining in such a state needlessly is). It will remain imperatively important that we be most carful not to allow our intellects to trick us into believing comfortable and seductive conclusions that are primarily designed to reduce our anxieties, reassure our egos, simply to maintain our future self-satisfying world-views.

Whenever we begin to feel reasonably certain that we are “OBVIOUSLY” correct even though we may not have any real tangibly reliable data to support such postulation(s), we should at a minimum consider the possibility that we may be stuck in a NEW self imposed belief trap. Only honest and open minded skepticism will allow us to assess that possibility. And, we must be brave and honest enough to do so, free of predisposed prejudices, even those which may in fact be justified.

TRUTH must be inner-stood deeply to be effectively applied. WISDOM RESIDES MORE IN THE HEART AND SOUL THAN IN THE INTELLECT! Our intellects can only take us but so far in our exploration and navigation toward TRUTH; it can direct our search and voyage but cannot CAUSE us to learn or know anything of deeper significance. On the other hand, our intellects can most certainly cause us to squander every opportunity to truly come to know TRUTH. I assure you, It has happened before!

To afford sharper focus to the subject of “ Belief Traps” it may be of value to provide a more precise and clear understanding of what is meant by the use of the terms “belief” and “knowledge”. Belief may be cultural, religious, scientific or personal. Belief is generated and necessitated by ignorance. IF ONE KNOWS FOR CERTAIN, BELIEF IS NOT REQUIRED. In that case one has REAL knowledge. Knowledge is derived from knowing what is true (not feeling.) If your apparent knowledge is false, one only believes that they know. In such situations, belief is masquerading as knowledge, belief posing as knowledge/pseudo-knowledge, not REAL, far from a secure understanding.

Proof is in the pudding and the pudding is SCIENCE. “The proof of the pudding” implies that truth and knowledge can be evaluated by objective results of their application and actualized manifestation. Science is the primary tool and process that will enable us to avoid belief traps while assessing objective results; personal experience (knowledge must be applied) and measurable results (tasting the pudding) to become a discriminating connoisseur of reality. While of course remaining mindful that knowledge remains potential and tentative – while TRUTH is ABSOLUTE! Our individual personal lists of potential possibilities will for a very long time, if not always, be a much, much, longer list than our lists of absolute truths. If we are careful to remain simultaneously open minded and skeptical, we will be less-likely to inadvertently invest ourselves in costly major excursions into false knowledge. . . . STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! But . . also, of course remain mindful on the other hand, that you (as a scientist) may pursue a hypothesis or potential possibility to a dead end – or to an eventual correct conclusion that your hypothesis is WRONG. But that is how GOOD SCIENCE WORKS. Proving a hypothesis wrong also produces useful information. The key here is letting go of ego and admitting our ignorance(s) (of a given thing) and moving courageously forward, not simply digging in our heels, that’s action is merely stagnant mental masturbation posing as forward moving positive intellectual activity. Remaining honest, skeptical and open minded will aid us in not habitually wandering too far down a cacophony of blind alleys which also may be nefariously crafted traps, some of which crafted by our own stubborn egos, while some of course set by others metaphysicians.

It is those who abandon the open minded skepticism of the honest scientist, in pursuit of EASY and QUICK outs who end up leaping into those inevitable and always lurking belief traps. They lose their way and unwisely invest their time and life energies moving in and out of non-optimal, unproductive directions based on pseudo-knowledge. THE TRUTH IS NEVER DELICATE, IT WILL ALWAYS STAND UP TO VIGOROUS SCRUTINY.

There is no magic formula nor shortcuts for finding and assessing truth. BELIEVING what another says or what ANYONE else says about REALITY or the nature of TRUTH is tantamount to jumping to conclusions without doing the science or required investigative work yourself. BELIEF is not a shortcut that will actually take you to a significant destination. Simply believing what another says is always risky business. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY and discover truth for yourself or IT WILL NOT BE “YOUR” TRUTH OR “YOUR” KNOWLEDGE. Your truth and “YOU” knowledge lives deeply and vibrantly within your own being while someone else’s truth and knowledge can penetrate no deeper than your intellect.

Listening to others may greatly improve the efficiency of your journey but remain mindful that some dirty Moors will without a blink of the eye send you off wandering aimlessly toward the abyss. In either and any case, IT IS YOU that must make the trip and assess EXPERIENCE, and eventually evaluate the reality. It will ultimately always be up to you! You are the Scientist(s)! We must learn to meditate correctly; the art of NOT thinking. Our minds must be calm, clear, and steady without unruly chatter or noise or we will be unable to differentiate what our minds creates and what exists independently of our individual minds or collective precepts. That is why finding (and learning to exist and operate within) the calm unperturbed center of your consciousness is always the FIRST STEP to finding SELF, which is ultimately the only trustworthy connector to TRUTH, which is in actuality REALITY ITSELF.

Comprehending the difference between knowledge and belief relevant to any particular piece of subjective information is WISDOM. Knowing the difference between knowledge and belief relevant to any particular piece of objective information is to know “A” fact.

Many feel compelled to either believe or disbelieve all information and pass quick judgment on everything accordingly, Such a process leaves little room and less time for actual knowledge and shows no particular interest in actual truth. For such individuals, pseudo-knowledge is sufficient, especially if it also happens to reduce anxieties and is widely accepted within their particular culture or preferred subculture. This approach to information is unfortunate and produces a tendency to jump to conclusions based upon erroneous feel-good assumptions.

The result of understanding, appreciating, and accepting the limits of ones knowledge is that you neither believe nor disbelieve much of the information that initially lies beyond your knowledge. Judgment should always be suspended until sufficient data is collected, which is actually a scientific method of approaching information called open mindedness. The quality (rigor) of the condition and process that define “sufficient” is dependent upon how scientific your personal navigation/exploration is. Good science produces ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE whereas bad science produces only the aforesaid pseudo-knowledge. Our ultimate ability to meet the noble challenges before us, like the quality of our collective minds hang in the balance of our SECURED understandings, individually and collectively with “understanding being that which is wise to stand-under with confidence securely free of fear(s).

No individual can drag another along to success by thinking or experiencing for another individual. On the other hand however, we may allow others to retard our individualized progress by simply not thinking for ourselves. And yes, it is true that to trust and assume that truth is often necessary at a mundane level and can be a useful shortcut in a world of ideas where we are time and experience limited. Nevertheless, we must be careful not to inadvertently absorb limitations on our mind’s ability to expand or modify what we initially trust to be truth. We must instead remain ever mindful to be forever watchful for, and open to, fresh revealings/revelations of enlightenment from scientifically well vetted empirical evidence of new data. Never block out or creatively reinterpret information that conflicts with our beliefs or what we simply desire or feel we need the truth to be. Good science starts with HONESTY, and honesty is most easily applied in an ego-free and fear-free environment which is obtainable with HARD WORK.

Belief is created when one who lacks scientifically evaluated knowledge puts faith in the premise that things actually are as he or she supposes them to be. Dogma is a fixed set of beliefs that must be accepted on faith in order to join the ranks of the believers who share that particular dogma. Dogma can be cultural, religious, scientific, or personal; it is an integral part of any category of belief. Many have a fear of incompetence which acts as an anchor preventing personal evolutions of a subjective conscious nature/personal transmutation.

We are all steeped in the common sense and prevailing wisdom of our culture, traditions, communities, professions and nuclear family groups. Belief is very personal for each of us.

When encountering anew something complex and unfamiliar, repetition is usually required before we feel comfortable. Likewise, reiteration is often needed to punch through our deeply held and ingrained ways of thinking, being and/or acting whether we are intellectually aware of it or not; because deeply intrenched attitudes so deeply interwoven into the fabric of our individual and collective psyche can be nearly impossible for us to notice – it becomes part of the invisible inner core of being.

Beyond the edge of your knowledge and the outer boundary of your MATERIAL Reality comprehension and a trustworthy understanding lies the correct and divine answer to YOUR personal unknown. Of course some of the potential knowledge that remains unknown to you may appear to be beyond the theoretical reach of your knowing (that which is mystical), and some issues may appear to be only a lack of further information. In either case, you may simply leave the unknown alone, ignore it and accept it as the forever unknown, OR you may wish to probe it and vigorously explore it with the WILL and intent of eventually converting at least some of the mystical into wisdom and YOUR OWN personal divine knowledge from within which only a glimpse of your creator may provide.

We will most assuredly be provided opportunity not to fall to the folly of previous mistakes of old. It is and will however remain our sole responsibility (individually and collectively as Scientists) to remain vigilant of our own rising egos as we ascend upward toward our rightful seats of Nobility.

Jonathan Bey


Moors Assisting One Another In The Process of Nation Building


There is more to follow.  So be sure to return to this page when time allows.

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