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This CALL TO ACTION is made with an emphasized recognition of our current Application” era, the time is undoubtedly now that certain bold initiatives must without further delay be called into being forthwith, to Initiate and Implement The Required Constructs of a Viable Active Convention of Evolutionary “Faithful” Moors, for the awe-inspiring solemn purpose of articulating and hearing with tolerance all reasonable National Concerns, to be accompanied by respectful discussion and thoughtful deliberations on the important merits of all tabled well-reasoned issues and affairs, united as one with an unwavering singular pursuit of sound and practical measured means in which to fashion and actuate, in a timely yet thorough manner, an adequately provisioned quorum of specifically qualified, suitably aged, responsible electors of various stature, yet common by soundness of mind; each possessing an astute acumen appropriately peculiar to Moorish Affairs, with well suited honest willingness, unique abilities and fortitude to succeed in the truly noble task of bringing to fruition a re-freshening of our body politic, to effectively address and accommodate with admirable fairness, the various needs, desires and revitalization requirements of our indigenous populous‘ collective and individual well being in harmony with our Divine Universal Prophet’s Intent and Lovingly Established Moral Directive to be instrumental in the critically imperative task of Uplifting Fallen Humanity guided by the spiritually transcendent principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

It would be my particular desire to see that such a unique body would as a Profoundly United Proactive Collective improve upon far more efficiently and effectively the ideas an concepts, attempts and efforts, aspirations, deeds and accomplished achievements of any sole individual, while retaining the rights of the individual as its first priority.

 The  U.S. Ratified United Nations Declaration on The Rights of Indigenous Peoples is either meaningful or its not; and if the truth of this question is in the affirmative, than the Charter possesses practical functionality which must be immediately effectuated to be of any true value to our Indigenous Moorish American Community!



An Example


Initiating Effective Practical Actions

In Order To Benefit From The Activity of Exercising Real-World Practical Responsibilities.

I recently, as a de jure National/Indigenous Moorish American, “In My Proper Person”, took the initiative of Proactively Exercising the Practical Utility of the United Nation’s Proclamation On The Rights of Indigenous People as an Effective Means of acquiring full National Healthcare Benefits (as guaranteed in the U.N. Charter) without forced assimilation or any form of default acquiesce through reversionary” Certificates or any other “anient” Documents.  [Reversionary Certificate could rightfully be considered as any form of Certificate (e.g. Birth Certificate) or other Documents which or would in effect REVERT, RETURN or SET BACK one’s self OUT of their de jure Nationalized State/Status to that of another political form, class or state of Citizenry.  And the term “anient” as used above is according to both Black’s Law’s and Bouvier’s Law Dictionary’s Definitions: Null, void of force or effect.]

For those who may be unfamiliar with the operations of what has been in disrespect called “Obama Care”; the Health Insurance Marketplace is, from what I could gathered, the entity which in effect could be rightfully viewed (somewhat) as’s initial Administrative Resource, a National Clearing House of sorts (for the lack of a better phrase) between Consumers and their potential Healthcare Providers for the Department of Health and Human Services’ oversight of the Administration’s implementation of its comprehensive health insurance plan/The Affordable Care Act legislated into being as a reform to improved access, affordability, and quality in health care for Americans.

The following is a screen shot of the letter I subsequently received after providing my credentials and Lawful Moorish American Identification to the Health Insurance Marketplace along with correct answers to their questioners and a writ in the form of a Certified Affidavit outlining what in lieu of the documents most prominently requested would by proper customary Moorish dictum be appropriate substitute proof of American Heritage documentation for Moorish Nationals.



Again, the above FAVORABLE RESPONSE received from The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Health Insurance Marketplace was in response to a Writ in the form of an Affidavit detailing the U.N.’s Declaration On The Rights of Indigenous People and its direct relevance to the Administration’s recently implemented Affordable Healthcare Plan and the documentation and further personal information purported as being required within its application (i.e. and e.g. Birth Certificate, Social Security Card etc.)  The Affidavit was accompanied by copies of the following: 

  • Moorish Nationalization Public Proclamation Document
  • Lawful Public Proclamation of Name CORRECTION
  • Lawful Indigenous Moorish American Photo Identification Card

and other relevant Educational Material.

I, an Indigenous Moorish “American” In My Proper Person applied for and received my guaranteed healthcare coverage through the recently established Obama Administration’s National Healthcare Initiative, “The Affordable Healthcare Plan” also referred to by various political opponents of the Humanitarian Human Rights Initiative as: Obama-Care due to the Administration’s aggressive and successfully brilliant maneuver(s) effectuating the Ratification of the Historical U.N. International Accord’s intrinsic infusion of the Republic’s truly de jure Constitutional  (“SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND”) provisions, now significantly, rightfully as well as Lawfully connecting it relevantly to The United Nation’s Declaration On The Rights of Indigenous People, guaranteeing the following GOD GIVEN, Unalienable/Inalienable “HUMAN Right:




The above stated HUMAN RIGHTS GUARANTEE is (within the above-mentioned TREATY) accompanied by a plethora of similarly significant relevant guaranties which may be just as appropriately applied to Education, Spiritual  and General National Welfare as will be further examined here.

With the United States RATIFIED United Nations Declaration On The Rights of Indigenous People having been (NOT JUST IN EFFECT BUT IN ACTUALITY) active for quite some time, we’ve had ample opportunity to recognize and begin the process of utilizing the opportunities guaranteed therein.  In our NEW Moorish Paradigm there are a number of practical issues which thus far have gone unaddressed within the course and scope of our emerging Re-enlightened Era’s literature, a start on effective intellectual dialog bridging ideas of old with the new, furthering our National union with our re-blossoming Spiritual, and transmuting our Esoteric, Exoteric and Mundane Orthodoxy with a reanimated creative political, social, economic and geophysical activities and events possessing certain soundly established practical operative processes, reshaping our current circumstances in a manner as to optimize all positive aspects of our emerging bright future. One such area which sorely needs to be examined and appropriately addressed in a timely manner, or at minimum, made a harden focus of immediate discussions among serious minded FAITHFUL Moors, those who have been consistently devoting and expending significant portions of their energies immersed within those positive activities geared toward effectuating “MEANINGFUL AND SUSTAINABLE POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE” (in their continuing process of Uplifting Mankind; opposed to those who’s actions illustrate their worldly focus being more so dedicated to the acquisition of Titles, Influence and Immediate Monetary gain) is without question the extremely important practical subject of DEVISING A STABLE, FUNCTIONAL AND EFFECTIVE INSTITUTIONALIZED Education, Health and Welfare system.  A well attended Convention of Long Active and Dedicated FAITHFUL Sisters and Brothers uniting in the very near future to begin earnest thoughtful deliberations on this matter will be a major transmuting device ultimately bringing about that aforementioned Meaningful and Substantial Positive Social Change required for any such uplifting of mankind to occur.  Interestingly enough, this will by no means be as daunting a task as it may appear on face value, with the reason being that the required mechanistic elements are already securely in place and guaranteed within THE LAW OF THE LAND.

Now, if a lot of folks attention have already peeled off, or, . . are of a nature that some individuals may have found the above long-winded winding statement(s) in any manner boring, that’s actually all well and good.  Because, .

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. although the required functional mechanisms of such a system are in all practical manner already in place, this tributary of thought will not at all be well suited for the faint at heart and contains an extremely large number of interwoven topical dynamic concerns of IMMEDIATE “critical” importance, which in and by every means will require a reasonable number of extremely serious minded individual’s collective energies to rationally and effectively deal with the looming number of unavoidable challenges, again, in the timely manner, required as to not miss the plethora of opportunities before us at this very moment in time.

Summarizing in brief a number of significant GUARANTEES already in place which may help us to further appreciate what measures can and must be taken at this very moment to begin the sure footed process of establishing certain indispensable Governmental Mechanisms to allow Moorish American Nationals/ De jure American Citizenry collectively and individually immediate access to:



  • Guaranteed Quality Sustainable Cultural Reanimation Educational Infrastructure Facility/Program Funding
  • Guaranteed Access To Affordable Healthcare
  • Guaranteed Moorish Science Educational Resource Grant Funding

  • Guaranteed Cooperation In Establishing NON-ASSIMILATION HUMAN RIGHTS LEGISLATION

a          a.) A required key component in alleviating a significant portion of unlawful discriminatory practices, i.e. the impeding complex of Statutory Catch-Twenty-Twos purposefully designed to directly fetter and discourage our Nationalization and Name Correction (administrative and cognitive) processes and the resulting or associated real-world issues impacting our rightful engagement in independent commerce activities. (Of which one example might be the operation of a Privately Owned Moorish Truck or Transportation Company in which certain commercial or IN- COMMERCE License and reasonable Insurances are required.)  One such functional administrative mechanism which manifests substantively substantial and sustaining cooperation from (heretofore uncooperative and combative) Persons (corporate and otherwise) and their employees in a manner which carries with it meaningful (i.e. economic penalties) for ANY non-conformance was an administrative vehicle in which I (simply as a matter of practical example) recently brought to fruition was the acquisition of a Court Order which, although it shouldn’t by any means be in any manner required and in reality, legally isn’t, but as a matter of piratical reality (in my particular circumstance) did in fact greatly simplified certain problematic administrative processes which, by it, intellectually alleviated a plethora of bureaucratic quagmires, effectually ORDERING ALL Persons, Corporations and Civil Servants alike to respect my proper Moorish personage, compelling all (from within their statute laden interweaving judicial, corporate and commercial labyrinths) to render on to “Bey” the appropriate and due honors as directed harmoniously with the Law of The Land.

One initial step toward bringing about the above mentioned positive ends is comprehending that the isolation many of our kinship out there from time to time feel is merely illusory in nature. YOUR FEELINGS OF ISOLATION IS NOT REAL! Sure, we understand our uniting Governmental fabric is by no means anywhere as stable as it will be in relative short order, but, the strands of our inter-converging activities are resolute and unrelentingly steadfast, energetically weaving our purposeful future foundations with a secured understanding that a major key component of our finalizing tapestry is already in place, the United States’ ratified United Nations Accord “AND” Declaration On The Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The purpose of this particular literary treatment is to begin our exploration into the matter of deciphering the many extremely powerful and potentially effective mechanisms already secured within the aforementioned International TREATY/LAW OF THE LAND, which in actuality was Divinely Inspired, Effectively Designed and (via President Obama’s Signature) brought In Timely Manner Into Fruition For OUR Specific Utilization. With our understanding of the timeless adage: “No wine before its time”, . . we can appreciate that the time is in fact NOW in which we should strategically begin to hone our collective activities toward certain universal particular purposes. And, the reason I used the above term “POTENTIALLY becomes more clear with the understanding that the act of seizing the moment is of critical importance. In my particular case, having over the course of this year been so very fortunate to have benefited from the opportunity of communicating with so many newly awaken Moors and Europeans alike, who recognize like I the very clear cosmic shift of providence in our favor; it is no-longer difficult, i.e. in fact quite apparent, that our CURRENT Moorish STATE OF AFFAIRS are pregnant with Potential – “REAL” Opportunities, simply awaiting actuation of OUR positive collective energies; and the aforementioned Declaration, International Agreement, Law of The Land is Primed, RIPE and in fact bristling with the real-world means to tame the beast, which I intuitively sense is cosmically itself even desirous of being harnessed and brought back in fold and HARMONY with the Omnipotent Common Laws of Nature; and we, at this very point in time are perfectly positioned to help that process along. We need only recognize that which is in clear sight and well within our individual and collective grasp.

So, with that, let’s roll up our sleeves and take an earnest discerning look at what we have to work with, the actual elementary foundations already in place for our immediate creative utilization:



The Second Constitution of The United States (Republic), Article 6 Clearly States:

… “ all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the SUPREME Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby; any thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

In that the United States signed United Nations (U.N.) Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People is an Adopted and Ratified International Accord/Treaty, its authority, as stated above, rests and remains securely in effect as per Article 6 of The United States (Republic) as being Law of The Land.

The aforesaid U.N. Declaration delineates for its signatories the following unambiguous unequivocal directives:

I. Article 1 clearly stipulates that Indigenous People such as and which in fact includes Moorish American Citizens, the true and internationally recognized descendants of the ancient Moabites, Hamatities. Canaanites who were permitted by the Old Pharaohs of Kemet to traverse East Africa and later form themselves vast kingdoms extending from the northwestern and southwestern shores of Africa, the Atlantic Islands onto the present day Continental Americas; the same who has again linked themselves with the Family of Nations and are aboriginal to OUR territories of North, Central and South America, “have the right to the full enjoyment, as a collective or as individuals, of all human rights and fundamental freedoms as recognized in the Charter of the United Nation, U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People”, an International Accord resting upon Article 6 as De jure LAW OF THE LAND.” And further,

II. Article 2 makes evident Indigenous Peoples and individuals e.g. Aboriginal Moorish Americans are by Natural, Common and International Law entitled to their “right to be free from ANY kind of discrimination, in the exercise of their rights, in particular that is based on their indigenous origin or identity, clearly denoting that all representatives of the Signatories of The Subject Accord should be and are by LAW of The Land required to be as familiar with the existence of and rights of Indigenous Peoples such as Aboriginal Moorish American Nationals in the same manner in which they are aware of other groups (ethnic or otherwise) which they are required in their public capacity to interface with and have knowledge of.

III. Article 37 (1) makes known to all that Indigenous People such as Aboriginal Moorish American Nationals have the right to the recognition, observance and enforcement of treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements concluded with States or their successors and to have States honor and respect such treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements, standing proper and securely as sound logic and proper reasoning for the presentment of effective writs designed to bring into effect a society operating under the spirit and intent of the United States’ American Constitution (Republic) And further,

IV. Article 13 (1) clarifies that Indigenous peoples such as Aboriginal Moorish American Nationals have a right to designate and retain their own names, which, for Moorish Americans customarily and unequivocally, as a matter of strict orthodoxy, includes the form and manner in which a Moorish American National’s name/Nomen Substivum must ALWAYS be, without exception, whenever presented in a written form, effected in a manner denoting and preserving our Moorish American consanguine rights and National Names in its proper sense, definitive of and denoting a Natural Flesh and Blood Proper Person (e.g. the manner in which such titles as Bey, Dey, El and Ali are presented, as in the above mentioned Court Order i.e. in Upper and Lower Case characters), and NEVER in a manner which would represent or infer the Status of said National(s) in any manner otherwise e.g. as a Legal Fiction i.e. ever having a Moorish American National’s Nomen Substivum written, scripted or presented by any other means which would include but is not limited to all UPPER CASE characters, which by longstanding cultural orthodox custom is recognized as being egregiously abusive, grossly offensive, purposefully demeaning and utterly disrespectful of our Forbearers and all rightful Moorish Hereditament(s). This particular article also further states and goes on to declare the following:  That we as Moorish American Indigenous Peoples of This Land have the right to revitalize, use, develop and transmit to future generations their histories, languages, oral traditions, philosophies, writing systems and literatures, and as stated above the right to DESIGNATE and retain our own MOORISH names for communities, places and persons.  And further,

V. Article 13 (2) delineating “States SHALL take effective measures to ensure that the rights (as delineated in said accord) are (without exception) protected”, makes clear, that matters regarding Indigenous Moorish American’s Cultural Customs pertaining to Name CORRECTIONS are to be nu-waveringly respected under all conditions, as is further supported, reflected and so ordered in the aforementioned relevant Court Order i.e. correctly denoting the title and Nomen Substivum “Bey” in its proper manner and form (i.e. Upper and Lower case characters) as was so ordered and is reflected in the aforementioned Order. This is significant in that it begins to demonstrate how further effective physical legal mechanisms can in fact be placed into PRACTICAL effect which not only promotes and creates an effectively persuasive atmosphere of willing and amenable proper Civil Service Conformance; heretofore sorely lacking in most scenarios, such exercises (ALTHOUGH again BY NO MEANS REQUIRED) not only sets a stage for a greater future understanding of who we MOORS are cognitively by the Civil Servants we interface with; such proactive measures taken would also have a tendency to strengthen our own populous’ general understanding, comfort and resolve in the matter of effectuating meaningful administrative procedures supported by more effective writs. And further,

VI. Article 33 (1) which again in fact also relates directly to the STATUS of Moorish American Nationals: “Indigenous people have the right to determine their own identity or memberships in accordance with their customs and traditions, which clearly delineates that Moorish American Identification Cards not only should, by International Accord in its rightful standing as Law of The Land, be honored and respected as a Valid, Legal and Lawful identification by all and any individuals operating or officiating under the responsibilities of said United State’s Republic Constitutional Oath and respective Obligations, but also standing secured, unquestionably sufficient on its own merit under any and all conditions. And Further,

VII. Article 34 most clearly states Indigenous people (e.g. Aboriginal Moorish Americans) have the right to promote, develop and maintain their institutional structures and their distinct customs, spirituality, traditions, procedures, practices and, in the case where they exist, juridical systems or customs, in accordance with international human rights standards, which clearly in effect further delineates those UNALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHTS of the Indigenous Moorish American which are at all times to be respected while said Indigenous Peoples are acting within their own distinct custom(s) and spiritual tradition(s), which in fact includes not being required to assimilate by being at any time FORCED to acknowledge in any manner Corporate or State Issued Birth Certificates as denoting or defining in any manner the proper nature of said Indigenous Peoples’ human character or flesh and blood personage, a matter which is further supported by the subject declaration’s Signatories’ collective and individual pledges to uphold and respect those Human Rights which specifically ensure that NO INDIGENOUS PEOPLES NOR ABORIGINAL INDIVIDUALS SHALL AT ANY TIME OR ON ANY OCCASION BE SUBJECTED TO ANY FORM(S) OF THREAT, DURESS, INTIMIDATION, TREATMENT(S) OR ACTIONS WHICH WOULD IN ANY MANNER CAUSE OR SUBSEQUENTLY RESULT IN THE FORCED ASSIMILATION OF ANY INDIGENOUS PEOPLE EITHER INDIVIDUALLY OR COLLECTIVELY.. And wherein,

VIII. Article 40 of the same Accord further clearly articulates: Indigenous people have the right to access to and prompt decisions through just and fair procedures for the resolution of conflicts and disputes with States or other parties (e.g. individuals, State employed or otherwise), as well as to EFFECTIVE REMEDIES for ALL infringements of their individual and collective rights. Such a decision SHALL give due consideration to the customs, traditions, rules and legal systems of the indigenous peoples concerned and international rights. And whereas,

IX. Article 38 unequivocally delineates: States, in consultation and cooperation with indigenous people, SHALL take the appropriate measures, including legislative measures, to achieve the ends of this Declaration.

Re.: Relevant Case Law

S. Carolina v. U.S., 199 U.S. 437, 448 (1905), Mattox v. U.S., 156 US 237, 243, Marbury v. Madison, 5 US 137,

Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436, Boyd v. U.S., 116 U.S. 616,

Howlett v. Rose, 496 U.S. 356 (1990)




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In American Law:

The written instrument agreed upon by the people of the Union or of a particular state as the absolute rule of action and decision for all departments and officers of the government in respect to all the points covered by it, which must control until it shall be changed by the authority which established it, and in opposition to which any act or ordinance of any such department or officer is null and void Cooley, Const. Lim. 2.

The Constitution is a written instrument. As such, its meaning does not alter. That which it meant when it was adopted, it means now.” S. Carolina v. U.S., 199 U.S. 437, 448 (1905).

With the above facts we are in a position to appreciate how such matters as HEALTH, EDUCATION and general CIVIL, social and economic WELFARE can not only be achieved, but are in fact already guaranteed Law of The Land, guarantees to be at this point in time immediately exercised. These are not matters to be lobbied for. All of the above are secured rights within recently established INTERNATIONAL Treaty through binding Accords which rest securely per Article 6 of the Constitution FOR the United States (REPUBLIC) as settled LAW OF THE LAND.

In short, with the above it is unmistakably clear that not only should each and every Moorish American have immediate access to adequate Health Care provisions, the United States has a Primary Signatories of the subject Accord’s Declarations also guaranteed that EFFECTIVE Legislation will be effectuated to insure the PROPER, and IMMEDIATE ADEQUATE FINANCE and FUNDING of ACCESSIBLE and CONVENIENT Moorish American (Youth and Adult) Education and Cultural Learning Centers via properly established councils inclusive of correctly chosen “FAITHFUL” Moorish Representatives on each and every level of the overall manifestation of said institutions. . . . and much more.


It is now the time and moment for us to bring into effect a properly established uniformed convention for the purpose of establishing the universal vehicle(s) to effectuate a true reanimation of ALL rights again secured of which we now must reap our overdue enjoyment of.

Jonathan Bey

SHADED Moorish Graphic





(352) 281-3196