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This DONATIONS area was simply been provided to allow those who may wish to donate to aid in the up-keep and maintenance of YOUR directory an option to do so (which of course is most sincerely appreciated).  The is a labor of LOVE, which exists purely as a means to assist you and other MOORS in the quest of finding self, and through that aid in the even more critically important task of Uplifting Fallen Humanity.

First and foremost this EDUCATIONAL enterprise, the “Moorish Directory” is still NOT designed as an INCOME GENERATOR.   All of our staff (Researchers, Writers, Fact-Checkers, Editors, Graphic Artists, Computer Techs, etc.) are giving 100% of their much appreciated time, talents and dedicated energies as strictly unpaid volunteers.    Yes, it is our sincere hope that at some point in the future the Moorish Directory will evolve into having the ability to offer and provide our hard working staff and very deserving contributors wages for the extremely valuable services they render each and every day in bringing YOUR Indigenous and Aboriginal Community  Resource to fruition.   However, we also know all to well the fact that although these real possibilities exists, they will only become reality by way of  the gracious and greatly appreciated gifts of  individual donations from kind and thoughtful Active Moors, such as yourself.

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LIKE “NPR” (National Public Radio), The Jewish Community’s “ADL” (Anti Deformation League) and/or The NAACP; all of which (UNLIKE our New and Fledgling ABORIGINAL & INDIGENOUS Moorish American Community Resources) are all always standing by ready to assist their communities at a moment’s notice as Extremely Well Funded, Self-sustaining, Independently Self-sufficient and Powerfully EFFECTIVE Organizations; which exist today only because there are ACTIVE Individuals in their communities who are always willing, through their own monetary donations and generous support contributions to ensure that their Community’s Organizations’ Respect and the Meaningful Resources continue growing year after year, decade after decade, in their abilities to not only Represent “VERY WELL” Their Own Unique Cultural’s LEGAL Interests, but also:

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  • a FREE resource developed by Active Moors EXCLUSIVELY FOR Active Moors to find and interface with one another.
  • Moorbook, a totally FREE Social Media Network Resource for Moors to learn, socialize, network and build with other Moors
  •  The Moorish Learning Center another FREE Moorish Community Network for the educational advancement of all Moors.
  • The Moorish History Time Line Devices’ Hosting Fees which without your added support wold not exist for lack of funding.
  • The continuing development of all of the other FREE  Human Rights Material and PDF Publications provided throughout this site as well as throughout the Internet as a whole, such as,: for EXAMPLE, and many dozens more.



IN SHORT, . .  although Very  Greatly Appreciated, . . The subscription donations received from our Full Access Membership (to all of the resources within “YOUR” come far, far short of being able to keep in existence all of the above named active resources, as well as all of the other many sites, growing technological devices and expanding resources which your private (non-subscription) gifts of support keep alive as our community’s resources.  “ALL” proceeds from the very few number of “For Purchase” Educational Items which one may happen to see on this site, ALL, also do go DIRECTLY to keeping our Moorish Community Resources on-line and available for those who would otherwise have no other means by which to benefit from the donated material and Services; because none of this would exist without you!   So, in advance, we sincerely thank you for all and any added gifts of support you are able to give.  You and your Extra Support ACTIVITIES are very much appreciated!


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