The Book of Truths

The book of truths includes, but is not limited to:

Professor C.S. Rafinseque’s Four Letters

as well as all of the documents mentioned within

Moor Talk Episode 13

and the YouTube Video

  1. The Declaration of Independence
  2. Sections of The Constitution for the United States of America
  3. General Orders 100 (Lieber Code)
  4. The Civil War has not ended yet
  5. Senate Document 43, a.k.a. Senate Resolution 62
  6. Original 13th Amendment
  7. 1967 Congressional Record on 14th Amendment
  8. General Orders 120 to Governor Worth, June 30, 1868
  9. Letter from Governor Worth to W.W. Holden, July 1, 1868
  10. D.C. Organic Act 1871 2- 21-187
  11. Trading with the Enemy Act 40 Stat 1
  12. Trading with the Enemy Act amendment 48 Stat 1
  13. Congress Redefines the Term Person: 12 Stat 459
  14. Senate Report 93-549 Nov 19, 1973 Page 26 – 28
  15. Letter From Harley G. Lappin July 27, 2009
  16. The Queen Gets Your Social Security Statutory Instrument 1997
  17. The Vatican Owns it All Papal Decree
  18. The National Lawyers Guild, House Report 3123, 1950
  19. Grace Commission Report Jan 12, 1984
  20. National Security Study Memorandum a.k.a. Kissinger Report Dec 10, 1974
  21. House Joint Resolution 192, 48 Stat 112 June 5, 1933
  22. North Carolina: Oath & General Statute
  23. Modern Money Mechanics (1961)
  24. Modern Money Mechanics (1992)
  25. Money, Banking & Monetary Policy
  26. Money and Banking
  27. I Bet You Thought
  28. Two Faces of Debt
  29. Your Money and the Federal Reserve
  30. GAAP
  31. Case Law on Bank Loans
  32. National Currency Act 1864
  33. Federal Reserve Act Sec 16 & Title 12 Sec 411
  34. Congressional Record on the Federal Reserve
  35. Executive Order 11110
  36. Proof There Is a Lien Against You and all the Property in the U.S.
  37. Definitions You Must to Know
  38. What About The Constitution?
  39. Are You Required To Have A License To Drive?
  40. Who Owns Your Kids
  41. Who Are You Marrying?
  42. Other Facts About Your Government You Must Learn

And Much Moor !

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The Book of Truths
The Book of Truths
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