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This NEW Page constructed on January 4, 2017 is being provided to allow for all Moors who may wish to Publish Documents (e.g. Proclamation and Name Correction) as well as other Lawful Notices To The Public may have a convent as well as FREE on-line location FULLY ACCESSIBLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC AT LARGE from which to do so.

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015 “YOUR” Moorish Directory made itself available to accommodate your Proclamation Publishing requirements of all Moors.  All and any individuals wishing to have their Proclamations, Name Corrections and/or any other public notices/Notices To The General Public At Large PUBLISHED may contact (352) 281-3196 and your documents will be published alongside other Honorable Faithful Moors FREE of Charge.









The Honorable Yashiri Colman-Bey did on December 24, 2015 provide to Moorish Directory  notice of his public filing of documents in the Library of Congress which subsequently have been assigned the following LOC Case Recordation Number: US Copyright Re. No.: 4208730261.
The Honorable Daiyan Dhaki Flowers El has on this 25th Day of August in The Year 2016 posted this day for public, private and Governance Review the following Internationally Recognized Legal and Lawful Documents: Judicial and Public Notice of Name Correction as well as Public Proclamation which may be accessed via a aforenoted link.

The Honorable Dhakwan Dhakir Sanders El has on this 2nd Day of August in The Year 2016 has today herewith posted for public, private and Governance Review the following Internationally Recognized Legal and Lawful Documents: Judicial and Public Notice of Name Correction Documents as well as Nationality Public Proclamation

The Honorable and Noble Moor, Coleman-Bey Declaration has on this day Monday, July 18, 2016 provided voluntarily to this institution for the express purpose of publishing for public review the following NOW PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE Documents: Judicial Notice(s) and Public Proclamation(s)

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Please let it be known that today January 4, 2017 The Honorable Taaraz Umair El has posted for public review and inspection the following documents: Notice of Name Correction and Judicial Notice of Nationality Proclamation.

This collective public presentation and Lawful Publishing of Aliah Assyadina Bey’s and husband Dknow Ang El Mendoza Bey’s Legal Notice of Name Declaration/Correction of Name Proclamation is accompanied by these Noble Moors’ Nationality Proclamation and Judicial Notice of same, Lawfully Presented in full legal and lawful manner to be henceforth appropriately recognized and respected by all, as follows:

Calafia Nzinga Ahyoka Bey has today May 1, 2015 published the following Legal Notices: Judicial Notice And Proclamation as well as Name Declaration Correction Proclamation And Publications documents effected January 3, 2015.

Abdullah Tawfeek Bey’s Nationalization Document was effected: April 21, 2015 along with his Official Name Correction Proclamation.

Taheem Elija Bey’s Nationalization and Name Correction Proclamation Documents are on this 20th Day of October in the year 2015 Published and Available For Public Viewing, Inspection and Recordation.

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